Capacity Building Projects

运盈彩票官网 The University Grants Committee provides special funding for Knowledge Exchange to UGC-funded institutions to build up their capacity and broaden their endeavor in KE. Based on this, the University invites faculties to submit proposals for the Faculty Capacity Building Projects.

KE funding for Faculty Capacity Building aims to provide support to Faculties to put in place optimal supporting infrastructure in order to enable systematic and sustainable changes within the faculties on how they relate to the community and business (such as better interaction with the community, timelier response to social and business needs, and enhanced access to their graduates, products, resources and services). Faculties can propose to use KE funds to build up their capacity for KE through the development of an innovation culture, capabilities, and an appropriate structure within the Faculty to facilitate and enhance knowledge sharing and exchange with the non-academic sectors of society; Faculties can also propose to use KE funds for initiatives that aim to strengthen the long-term partnerships between the Faculty and different non-academic stakeholder groups. Allocations of funds can vary among faculties, depending on the merits of proposals and the budget that could be made available for Capacity Building. To enable KE development on a more sustainable basis, faculties are expected to provide matching resources for capacity building, which may be in the form of matching funds and/or redeployment of existing resources.

运盈彩票官网 Below is a list of Capacity Building Projects of the Faculty from 2010 to 2014 that were awarded KE Funding by the University:

2014/2015 Faculty Plan for KE Capacity Building Initiatives:

· Strengthen KE with a wider audience
· Improve capacity building partnership with other tertiary institutions for KE
· Foster inter-disciplinary collaboration and research in and outside HKU
· Continue to promote creativity and innovation and demonstrate leadership across communities and region

2013/2014 Faculty Plan for KE Capacity Building Initiatives:

· Strengthen capacity building partnership with overseas institutions for KE
· Increase capacity for training for staff and students to develop skills to participate in KE more effectively
· Enhance public engagement with a wider audience

2012/2013 Faculty Plan for KE Capacity Building Initiatives:

· Establish more communication and capacity building partnership through exchange with overseas and Mainland institutions to exchange knowledge on best practices to promote KE
· Raise more awareness in the Faculty to encourage more colleagues and student’s participation in KE
· Further promote KE through both internal and external out-reach
· Carry out more KE activities that would involve industries, private sector, NGOs and other non-academic stakeholders
· Encourage cross-discipline collaborations to promote public access to knowledge of architecture and establish stronger professional relations
运盈彩票官网 · Make known the successful Faculty KE activities via media coverage, publications and press conferences

2011/2012 Faculty Plan for KE Capacity Building Initiatives:

· Establish further partnerships with NGOs in other countries
运盈彩票官网 · Establish greater communication and interaction with other universities and secondary schools

2010/2011 Faculty Plan for KE Capacity Building Initiatives:

· Increase partnership with local and Mainland NGOs
· Increase participation in public community engagement activities
运盈彩票官网 · Increase collaboration with other Faculties and other Universities


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