Student’s Awards


The Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects Award 2006:”Excellence in Landscape”
(Student Category)

Silver Medal :
运盈彩票官网 Long Valley – From Abandoned Land to Ecological Reserve, Isaac SO Shui Shan

Award of Merit:
运盈彩票官网 Revitalizing Long Valley, Ivan SHIU Yau Bun

Award of Merit:
“Moving Landscape” , Barry LO Wing Fai

Award of Merit:
Breaking Through Boundary, Ada SO Hang Yan

Award of Merit:
运盈彩票官网 Red Gallery – Park + Art , Isaac SO Shui Shan

The Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects Student Prize 2006
运盈彩票官网 A Residential Planning & Design Project in Longgang District, Shenzhen, Oct, 2006

Best Group Work Prize:

运盈彩票官网 Philip LEUNG Siu Sun, CHEN Yuxiao, Mime TAN – The Analogical Dwelling Envelope

Best Individual Work Prizes:

Isaac SO Shui Shan – Living In The Hakka Axis

Ada SO Hang Yan – Breaking Through Boundary

Barry LO Wing Fai – Swirl Into Nature

The 2nd National Landscape Architecture Graduate Design Exhibition of China
(Organized by Peking University and Ministry of Construction Press, Oct, 2006)
运盈彩票官网 First Prize: Reincarnation (Una Wong Kar Sin)

The 2nd U+L National Student Design Competition of China
(Organized by HUST, PRC, May 2006)
First Prize: Moving Landscape (Barry Lo Wing Fai)

Third Prize: Mongkok Fusion (Guy Tse)

Honourable Mention Award: Jenny Leung Sau Yee

Honourable Mention Award: Alice Hwa

A New Face for the Eastern Harbourfront – Concept Design Competition(Student Group Senior)
(Organized by Eastern District Council, co-organized by HKIA, HKILA, HKIP, HKIE & HKIS, June, 2006)
运盈彩票官网 Champion: Chris Chui Chi Keung, Paul Chow Siu Hang, Viola Siu Wai Yi, Karen Lam Siu Kwan

运盈彩票官网 First Runner-up: Isaac So Shui Shan, Jenny Leung Sau Yee, Philip Leung Siu Sun & Barry Lo Wing Fai

Merit Award: Paul Chan, Lee Chi Kit, Ivan Shiu & Guy Tse


HKILA Professional Awards Scheme 2003
运盈彩票官网 Silver Award: Visitor Information Centre Promoting the Natural and Rural HK

运盈彩票官网 Merit Award: Void of the City – A Proposed Pocket Garden in Soho, HK

Merit Award: In Harmony with differences – utilizing a small pocket space in urban context

运盈彩票官网 Merit Award: Metamorphosis – New Campus Design of HKU

The Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects Student Prize
China Shunde Ecological Residential Development Project (Co-operate with EDAW)


HKILA Professional Awards Scheme 2002
Merit Award: Primitivism

运盈彩票官网 Merit Award: Outdoor Bench Design

Merit Award: University of Hong Kong Landscape Master Plan

The Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects Student Prize

1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes: Redevelopment of Lamma Island waterfront


The Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects (HKILA) Student Prize
1st,2nd and 3rd prizes:

Proposed Development of Shan Pui River Ponds (Ecological Design)

2000 Green Project Award
(organized by HKILA, Urban Council, and Society of Horticulture)
运盈彩票官网 Honourable Mention Award: An Ecological MTR Station Entrance


Shek Kip Mei Estate – Urban Design Competition
1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes (3 teams of MLA and Master of Architecture students)

Precious Blood Childrens’ Village, design competition sponsored by HKU Architectural Society

First Prize (out of 300 entries)

Sustainable Residential Development at Dongguan, China

4 MLA students received travel prizes


International Student Competition at the 8th IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architets) Eastern Regional Conference 1996
Merit Award: Floating Landscapes in Dense Urban Areas

Merit Award: A Landscape Museum

Green Urban Project Award Scheme 1996
(jointly organized by HKILA and HK Urban Council)
Honourable Mention Award: Plants Tour Installation

Scholarship & Financial Aid


Scholarships are granted to a number of M.L.A. students based on year 1 academic performance. All M.L.A. students will be automatically considered. Awards and prizes are available each year by different organisations to be granted to students with outstanding academic achievement.

  • URBIS Scholarship
  • HKILA Scholarship

HKU Student Academic Awards
The University administers a number of scholarships which are open to postgraduate students for outstanding academic achievements. Applications for various postgraduate scholarships will be invited from students year round. Therefore, registered students at the University of Hong Kong should take notice of the invitation for applications that will be posted on the Student Intranet.

University Grants Committee
运盈彩票官网 Financial aids are available for local students (Hong Kong Residents), for details, please visit Student Financial Assistance Agency website.


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