Assistance to International Students

Students should arrange their own visa and accommodation. The brief guidelines below are just for students’ easy reference.

International students should apply for student visa/entry permit for studying at HKU. Please find more details at .

运盈彩票官网 Residential places on campus for postgraduate students are limited and in great demand. Admission to the University does not guarantee accommodation, and the acquisition of which remains to be the responsibility of each individual student. It is therefore in the interest of overseas applicants to make accommodation arrangements before they arrive. Off-campus accommodation near the University is expensive and students using it will need to budget for extra costs. Applicants are advised to consult the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) for advice, and information is also available from the CEDARS. CEDARS offers assistance to students looking for rental accommodation in the open market.

Financial Support
运盈彩票官网 Apart from the scholarship(s) offered by our Department, students may as well seek financial aids from other sources. See for more details.

The Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS)
CEDARS is committed to fostering an intellectually stimulating and culturally diverse campus to enrich students’ total learning experience at HKU. It supports students by providing a wide range of services, including career advice, counselling, and personal development. To explore more about CEDARS, please browse their webpage .

In addition, the Department of Real Estate and Construction recognizes that non local students might encounter specific challenges (e.g. cultural adjustment) when they first come to Hong Kong and HKU. Apart from our student clubs which serve to enhance peer support and social relationships, our faculty and staff members would also be happy to meet our students. Students, if needed, will be assigned one or more advisors (an experienced faculty member) to facilitate adjustment to the university environment, exchange academic interests, develop personal goals, etc.


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