Experiential Learning

Our students will be given a great deal of learning opportunities outside the classroom and even beyond Hong Kong. We believe our diversified activities such as site visits, exchange
运盈彩票官网 programmes and executive forums, our students will be able to establish their career network and enable them to better understand the industry.

Shanghai study tour

RECO7092 Greater China Real Estate will take you on a study tour to understand real estate business practices in Greater China and to explore the local practices in terms of law, taxation, policy, culture etc. Site visits to development projects and seminars conducted by professionals and consultants are arranged to explain the local practices.

Tencent Shenzhen Headquarters Visit

The visit to Tencent Shenzhen Headquarters was featured by some “for-our-eyes-only” exhibits! Lunch at the headquarters’ canteen is also a one of a kind experience!

Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment Delft University of Technology

Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands offers a summer programme to our students on a regular basis. Students will attend a 2-week programme and also complete a final assignment with a research essay on an agreed topic in sustainable housing issues.

University of Glasgow (Photo from The Guardian)

The Postgraduate Certificate in Urban Studies offered by University of Glasgow is dedicated to our MSc(RE) students. If you would like to attend this programme after graduation as a study abroad option, University of Glasgow will always accept applications from our graduates.

Students will be given ample chances to visit project sites of local major developers. Seminars given by senior management teams and professionals are conducted on site to discuss the strategy, market analysis, and special features of the projects and companies.

Visit to SHKP
Artisan House
Kowloon City Plaza
Victoria Dockside

Our department invites reputable speakers from the industry to our ‘Executive Talks’ series from time to time. Students will be able to have close contact and dialogue with speakers at this occasion.
运盈彩票官网 The public is also welcome to our Executive Talk, please click to know more about our talks and register.

Guest speaker in 2019: Sr Dr William Chan
Guest speaker in 2019: Sr Robert Wong


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