Programme Structure

MSc(Real Estate) [1]
MSc(Real Estate) majoring in Real Estate Investment and Finance [1]
MSc(Real Estate) majoring in Urban Development [1]

Study Mode
Full Time: 1 year
运盈彩票官网 Part Time: 2-3 years, with classes on evenings and Saturdays

Medium of Instruction

Each student must complete 12 courses including prescribed and elective courses [2]

Prescribed Courses Elective Courses [3]
Prescribed courses (academic core)

  • Economics for professionals (RECO6003)
  • Land economics (RECO6016)
  • Law for the real estate and construction industry (RECO6042)
  • Real estate investment (RECO6069)
  • Institutional analysis for urban studies (RECO7080)
  • Asset pricing theory for real estate (RECO7090)

Prescribed courses (practice core)

  • Real estate management (RECO6014)
  • Planning and building development (RECO6039)
  • Property valuation – principles and practices (RECO7076)

Prescribed capstone

  • Project workshop (RE) (RECO6059)
MSc(Real Estate)

  • Any 2 electives

MSc(Real Estate) majoring in Real Estate Investment and Finance

  • Real estate finance (RECO6070)
  • Advanced real estate analysis (RECO7093)

MSc(Real Estate) majoring in Urban Development

  • Urban planning: theory & practice (RECO6001)
  • Development projects (RECO6041)

Other electives

  • Research seminar (RECO6046)
  • Greater China real estate (RECO7092)
  • Building design and construction (RECO7095)  [4]

[1] Accredited by RICS; recognized by the GP and P&D divisions of HKIS
[2] There is an option to take Dissertation (RECO6020) as the capstone course.  Please consult the programme team.
[3] There is no guarantee that the elective courses listed here or on the syllabus are offered every year. In the unfortunate event that an elective course cannot be offered (e.g. due to insufficient enrolment), students will have to take another course, which may affect the major they can get.
[4] To meet HKIS requirements, students who have not studied construction technology or taken equivalent courses before should take the elective course Building Design and Construction.


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