Programme of Study

Major areas of research in the Department include:

1. Project management

  • Culture in organizations and projects
  • Procurement systems and relationship management
  • Innovation and value co-creation
  • Construction occupational health and safety management
  • Integrated project delivery systems

2. Institutional analysis

  • Adequate housing and sustainability issues
  • Planning and development policies
  • Property rights

3. Real estate investment and finance

  • Transaction cost economic analysis of real estate development
  • Financing initiatives for major projects
  • Financial markets and real estate
  • Land administration and construction economics

4. Construction process and product performance assessment

  • Information and knowledge management in construction
  • Business process management in real estate and construction
  • Sustainable development practice
  • Health, safety and environmental assessment of buildings and urban areas
    Urban renewal

Departmental Coursework Requirements:

Department of Real Estate & Construction
Requirement – 2 compulsory courses and 2 elective courses from the list below

运盈彩票官网 (From September 2011 to August 2014: requirement – 1 compulsory course (RECO6022 Research Seminar II) and 2 elective courses from the list below)

(From September 2006 to August 2011 AND September 2014 to December 2015: requirement – 2 compulsory courses (RECO6022 Research Seminar II) and (RECO6045 Sustainable Developments and Property Rights) and 2 elective courses from the list below)

Course Code Course Title Compulsory (C) /
Elective (E)
RECO6022 Research Seminar II  C
RECO6021 Research Seminar I  E
RECO6024 Research Seminar III  E
RECO6071 Sustainable Construction and Organizational Theory  E
One of the following course in Sustainable Development:

  1. RECO6045 Sustainable development and property rights; or
  2. Any postgraduate course in Sustainable Development endorsed by the DRPC



Any courses from the Taught Postgraduate Programmes (MSc/MUD/MArch/MLA) offered by the Faculty  E




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