ADB Scholarship

Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship (ADB-JSP)


Application to the ADB-Japan Scholarship Programmes offered by HKU

Deadline for admission to 2020-21 academic year is on noon,Feb. 28, 2020

运盈彩票官网 Application has to be made online through this website:

To apply to ADB Scholarship via the Master of Urban Design, Click Here

For more details, please refer to the Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship .

 About the Asian Development Bank (ADB)

运盈彩票官网 ADB’s vision is an Asia and Pacific region free of poverty. Its mission is to help its developing member countries reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of their people. Despite the region’s many successes, it remains home to two-thirds of the world’s poor: 1.8 billion people who live on less than $2 a day, with 903 million struggling on less than $1.25 a day. ADB is committed to reducing poverty through inclusive economic growth, environmentally sustainable growth, and regional integration.

Based in Manila, ADB is owned by 67 members, including 48 from the region. Its main instruments for helping its developing member countries are policy dialogue, loans, equity investments, guarantees, grants, and technical assistance.

Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Programme (ADB-JSP)

The Asian Development Bank (ADB)–Japan Scholarship Program (JSP) was established in April 1988 with financing from the Government of Japan. It aims to provide an opportunity for well-qualified citizens of ADB’s developing member countries to pursue postgraduate studies in economics, management, science and technology, and other development-related fields at participating academic institutions in Asia and the Pacific. Upon completion of their study programs, scholars are expected to contribute to the economic and social development of their home countries.

The Scholarship

Each scholarship covers tuition, subsistence (including housing allowance), book allowance, medical insurance, and travel expenses. In special circumstances, where additional training is deemed necessary, expenditures incurred to improve language proficiency and computer literacy may be covered under the scholarship.


  • A national of an ADB borrowing member country (applicant from a country that is no longer borrowing from ADB is not eligible for the ADB–JSP Scholarship)
  • Gained admission at an approved MA/PhD course at an academic institution
  • A bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, with superior academic record
  • At least two (2) years of full-time professional working experience (acquired after a university degree) at the time of application; proficiency in oral and written English communication skills to be able to pursue studies
  • Not more than 35 years old at the time of application; in exceptional cases, for programs that are appropriate for senior officials and managers, the age limit is 45 years old
  • In good health
  • Should agree to return to his/her home country after completion of studies under the Program
  • Executive Directors, Alternate Directors, management and staff of ADB, consultants, and relatives of the aforementioned are not eligible for the Scholarship
  • Staff of designated institutions are not eligible for the Scholarship
  • Applicants living or working in a country other than his/her home country are not eligible for the Scholarship
  • ADB–JSP does not support applicants who are already enrolled in graduate degree programs
  • ADB–JSP does not sponsor undergraduate studies, distance learning programs, short-term training, conferences, seminars, thesis writing, and research projects

Criteria for Selection

  • Qualifications of the candidate
  • Priority to the ranking, or order of merit, proposed by the Designated Institutions (DIs)
  • Applicants with less than 2 years of work experience will not be selected
  • Preference is given to women candidates
  • Preference is given to applicants with lesser financial capacity
  • The Program will, in principle, not support applicants who have previously studied abroad
  • The Program will, in principle, not support applicants who are pursuing a second MA or a second PhD degree
  • Candidates who are applying at a DI in their own country may not be selected
  • Diversity of nationality in the overall Program, as well as at each DI level, will be considered
  • The Program encourages studies in line with core areas of ADB’s Strategy 2020, which address poverty reduction through infrastructure, environment, regional cooperation and integration, finance sector development, and education. Strategy 2020, ADB’s long-term strategy, sets ADB’s strategic course for its operations to the year 2020. For more details, please refer to the website:

Scholarships are available to citizens of the following countries/areas:







Cook Islands







运盈彩票官网 Kyrgyz Republic

Lao People’s Democratic Republic



运盈彩票官网 Marshall Islands

Federated States of Micronesia







运盈彩票官网 Papua New Guinea Philippines


Solomon Islands

Sri Lanka









Viet Nam

For more information regarding ADB-JSP:



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