Conference Presentations

Urban Soundscapes: The Interactive Effect of Auditory and Visual Stimulations on Mood. Accepted by CELA 2016.
Bin Jiang, Wenqi Ji, Matthew Pryor, Tian Zhang, William C. Sullivan

Revitalizing alleys in high-density cities: How urban and landscape design interventions influence the sense of safety. Accepted by CELA 2016.
Bin Jiang, Nga Sze Cecilia Mak

运盈彩票官网 Creating Right Greenway in the High-Density Inner City to Promote Residents’ Mental Health and Wellbeing: Evidence from a Mega-city in China. Accepted by CELA 2016. Weiting Shan, Bin Jiang

运盈彩票官网 How Much Vegetation Density in Green Infrastructure Do People Prefer? Accepted by CELA 2016. , Bin Jiang, & William C. Sullivan

Scripting in Landscape Assessment: A Vegetation Density Case Study. Accepted by CELA 2016. Pongsakorn Suppakittpaisarn, Slavenas, Bin Jiang, & William C. Sullivan

Preconference workshop of CELA 2016 “Healthy Landscapes & Human Health”, with Prof. William C. Sullivan from University of Illinois and Prof. Chun-Yen Chang from the National Taiwan University

Keynote speech on “Healthy City & Healthy Landscape: New Perspective and New Methods” at the Asia Architecture and Urbanism Alliance 2015 Annual Award Ceremony, Shanghai and at the Faculty of Architecture, Tongji University, Shanghai, in November 2015

运盈彩票官网 Academic speech on “Influence of urban green infrastructure on public health” in the Faculty of Architecture, Hunan University, Changsha, Oct. 2015

Conference presentation with Cecilia Mak Nga Sze on “ at the International Conference on Crime Geography, Guangzhou, in July 2015

Pryor, M. and Chen, Y.X.  Landfill after use: planning for acceptance运盈彩票官网 . Accepted for publication in proceedings of 15th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium.  International Waste Working Group, S. Margherita di Pula, Sardinia. Italy. October 2015

运盈彩票官网 Pryor, M. (2013).  Public Space Topology.  In proceedings of International Federation of Landscape Architects Conference, New Zealand. (July 2013).


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